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Melody Powers [userpic]
Tortall Fic: The Luck of the Healer (G)
by Melody Powers (everstone)
at October 28th, 2011 (07:17 pm)

Title: The Luck of the Healer
Rating: G
Event: Canon Week at Goldenlake
Summary: Baird of Queenscove used to dance with Ilane of Seabeth and Seajen.

The Luck of the HealerCollapse )

pristineungift [userpic]
Tortall Fic: I'll Come For You (Kel/Lalasa) (5/5)
by pristineungift (pristineungift)
at August 26th, 2011 (04:07 pm)

Title: I'll Come For You - A Kel/Lalasa Collection
Author: [info]pristineungift
Claimed Pairing: Keladry/Lalasa
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Femslash; Fantasy Violence.
Summary: This is a series of interconnected drabbles I did for the Goldenlake Decathlon Challenge. You claimed a couple or a character, and then wrote ten pieces about them, with each piece having to meet a specific prompt and/or wordcount. I chose Keladry of Mindelan and Lalasa Isran, because as far as I'm concerned they're destined to be together. Unfortunately, I only made it halfway through the Decathlon. I may come back and pick up this series one day, but for now I'm calling it complete. Kel returns to Corus to find things are exactly as she left them, and yet completely different. Kel/Lalasa.

List of Prompts )

I'll Come For You )

secondsilencer [userpic]
A new Tortallan RPG!
by secondsilencer (secondsilencer)
at August 7th, 2011 (10:40 pm)

Hey there!

My name's Claire and I've been sent here by the members of Skysong RPG, a chatroom-based role-playing game set in a den of thieves in the darkest and dirtiest corner of old-age Corus!

Some of you may remember an old Tamora Pierce fansite called Steelsings, which sadly died off. But now we're back,with even more ideas than before!
We're currently on the hunt for some enthusiastic Tortallan fans to bring their own characters to the game: murderers, thieves, cobblers, beggars and whores, everyone's welcome in Corus' very own Court of Miracles!

If you are interested in joining us or if you want to find out more, why not visit skysongrp.com or send me an email at clairelouise.stewart@gmail.com?

We're all impatient for your visit!

- Claire

Melody Powers [userpic]
Goldenlake Decathlon Fics
by Melody Powers (everstone)
at August 4th, 2011 (03:04 pm)

I recently completed the Goldenlake Tamora Pierce Forum Decathlon, where everyone had to write 5 track and 5 field events for their chosen character or couple.

This was my first time writing Tamora Pierce fanfiction so I thought I'd share :)

My character was Tobe. The first 7 fics are set when he was young, beginning when he was born and finishing just after their return from Scanra. In the AU fic he is roughly the same age as he was in Lady Knight. In the last 2 fics he is older, married and waiting for the birth of his first child.


everstone (Kypriotha on Goldenlake)

Rating: G
Event: 110 Word Hurdles (open theme drabble)
Words: 110
Summary: Tobe doesn't know if he has ever been wanted

Rating: PG
Event: 4x100 Word Sin Relay (Envy, Greed, Lust, Pride)
Words: 400
Summary: Tobe considers the things he is missing in his life
Warning: Mild implied violence

See the other 8 fics under the cut!Collapse )

Nicki [userpic]
Fanfic Decathlon
by Nicki (peroxidepirate)
at June 20th, 2011 (08:49 pm)

Goldenlake is an open membership discussion forum dedicated to the works of Tamora Pierce, including all series and universes!

The Goldenlake Decathlon is a Tamora Pierce fanfiction challenge where authors attempt to complete ten fic-events (5 track and 5 field) for a chosen couple or character within 30 days. Character and couple claiming starts June 23, and discussion and planning is already happening! New members are welcome!

ubiquitous_girl [userpic]
Peculiar Pairings Ficathon
by ubiquitous_girl (ubiquitous_girl)
at July 31st, 2009 (02:54 pm)

The Goldenlake Message Board, together with piercefic, is hosting the Peculiar Pairings Ficathon.

The Ficathon will be run from August 1st to 31st.

All sorts of weird and wonderful pairings are welcome.

More information can be found here


The Sheroes Rag [userpic]
Tamora Pierce Fic Fest
by The Sheroes Rag (sheroes_rag)
at June 24th, 2009 (10:38 pm)

The sheroes_rag is announcing it's Tamora Pierce 20 Random Facts Fic Fest.

Accepting fics from both worlds this is just a fun, friendly fest intended to get the bunnies hopping.

ubiquitous_girl [userpic]
Giantkiller Fanzine Released!!!
by ubiquitous_girl (ubiquitous_girl)
at June 1st, 2009 (12:15 am)

The first issue of Giantkiller, the Tamora Pierce fanzine by Goldenlake, is now officially released!! Featuring an exclusive Q&A with Tamora Pierce herself, and plenty of other awesome stuff!!! :D For those who wish to see it on lj instead of the Goldenlake board, you can also access it at gk_fanzine

fic: the rest of her here (kel/lalasa, r-ish)
at May 12th, 2009 (06:10 pm)
current song: Fuck Was I -Jenny Owen Youngs

Title: the rest of her here
Rating: R (lightly)
Word count: 600
Pairing: Kel/Lalasa
Summary: Kel, for all of her fighting and odd, contained aggression, knows how to handle fragile things.
Warnings: mild sex, mild d/S

they haven't developed a rhythm yet

Kat [userpic]
Goldenlake Drabble Tournament
by Kat (treanz)
at April 17th, 2009 (10:07 pm)

The Goldenlake Message Board, together with [info]piercefic, is hosting the Goldenlake Drabble Tournament.

The competition prompts are released on April 24th.

The competition runs from May 1st to 31st.

Competition rules and prize information is here.

Judging panel applications are here.

See piercefic , fief_goldenlake  or Goldenlake for futher updates :)

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