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Tamora Pierce Drabbles

A Weekly Prompt Community

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A weekly fanfiction prompt community
- tammy_drabbles is, as its name suggests, a community for drabbles relating to Tamora Pierce books. A drabble is classified as any piece of writing between 100 and 1000 words, give or take a few hundred.

- Every friday night Pacific time, a new prompt is posted as inspiration for fanfiction writing. You are invited to respond to this theme in the form of a drabble. Post the drabble as a new entry in this community, remembering to cut for anything over 200 words.

- Because one week is a pretty short amount of time, you're welcome to respond to any previous prompts, as long as your drabble fits within our guidelines.

- You are more than welcome to post things not directly relating to the prompts, but we ask that you only post ficlets and that these pieces of writing are of reasonable quality. In other words, nothing epic and nothing typd lyk diz. This is to stop the community from going too far off track, and to maintain some standard of quality.

- Remember to warn for spoilers relating to WoTE and Terrier.

- Tortall and Emelan both welcome. Slash, het and gen welcome, but remember to warn for anything over PG and any potentially squicky pairings.

- Please comment on other people's stories! We all love feedback, if only to know that people are reading.

- Absolutely no flaming. Concrit is okay and in fact encouraged; flaming will not be tolerated.

- Maintainer is wottie. Direct questions there.

- Want to affiliate? Drop us a line.

- Rule zero: Have fun!

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